Peter Eller is available for personal property appraisals and as a consultant and expert witness for general legal and adversarial trial work.  Peter Eller and Associates is an independent fee appraiser who follows, and represents, results of the independent investigation he has been employed to perform.  If you have particular considerations of value you consider crucial, we recommend you ask for a preliminary report to assess the value range in which the estimates may fall.  Also, if the situation requires no more than a general estimate, and specific, documented figures are not required, such a preliminary report may often be suitable at lesser expense than a fully documented report.



You may either speak with us by phone or email before scheduling us for an appraisal or appointment.  Please see our resume, and note the following fees and clarifications.


FEES:   Refer to paragraph 1 below.




•     Conferences, Research & Appraisal Review $225.00/hr*
•     Clerical Time $ 45.00/hr*




•     Depositions and Court Appearances $ 275.00/hr*
•     Appraisal $ 225.00/hr*
•     Visual Aid Preparation & Clerical Time $ 45.00/hr*


* All fees subject to the following:


No fiduciary or agency relatiohsip exists between appraiser and prospective client until a fee for services has been tendered and accepted, and client has signed a contract to that effect.  Not-for-fee services are strictly gratuitous, are provided as a courtesy only, and do not involve or warrent an obligation of any kind on the part of the appraiser.  In addition,



1.  We endeavor to give a Fee Estimate in advance, based on the facts as represented; such estimates are understood to be subject to alteration as facts or circumstances change and appraiser has been so informed.


2.  It is a breach of ethics to do appraisals on contingency, and we do not appraise on speculation.  All fees are therefore payable in advance, and all invoices payable on demand, unless prior, written arrangement has been made by the contracting party.


3.  Fees for appearances and depositions while appraiser is on call and proceedings are delalyed may be figured “door-to-door,” and pro-rated at $600.00 for half days (3 hours or more), or $1000.00 for full days (6 hours or more).


4.  Whenever possible, we ask for two or more weeks’ notice for court appearances, and for parties to bear in mind that our effectiveness is a strict  correlative of a clear mandate and adequate preparation time.


5.  Please note  Resume and Privacy Policy before you proceed.