Recent Endorsements of Peter Eller, PhD, Independent Fee Appraiser.

“In the spring of 2010 Peter Eller appraised various items in our collection of artworks. He understood our needs and limitations perfectly, and while he would respond fully and frankly to any questions or concerns we might have, he never, not once, tried to pressure us in ways that could have reflected to his advantage. He was in every way “neutral” in the sense that his purpose was to look at what we had and arrive at just and accurate valuations. He was thorough, detailed, and knowledgeable; his comments taught us much.”

“I would point out that Mr. Eller was looking at an eclectic gathering that included inheritances from two families with diverse and informed tastes. We felt absolute trust and confidence in his work, and we were not disappointed.”

                                                    – Roberts & Jennifer French, Santa Fe

“Thank you for the professional and useful information in an estate appraisal for the revocable trust. “

I was astonished at the thoroughness, the “ifs and buts” in estimating current value of Far Eastern teak furniture, and the inherited pieces from New England and Pennsylvania. My heirs will also appreciate your detailed reasoning.”

                                                    – Julia C. White, Albuquerque

“Mr. Peter Eller recently appraised two art items for estate purposes. He was very thorough and prompt in his appraisals. It was a pleasant and enlightening experience. His expertise was appreciated.”

                                                    -Beverly Peterson, Albuquerque

“We have recently had occasion to engage the professional services of Peter Eller, who identifies himself as a Fine Art Dealer and Independent Fee Appraiser. Terms like competence, thoroughness, and conscientiousness describe Mr. Eller’s approach to our needs. His affable disposition and helpful manner in explaining the procedures he was going to use made an otherwise stressful situation more bearable.”

“We especially appreciated his honest reluctance to make an appraisal on two items that he did not feel qualified to assess. In the case of those items, he was responsible in referring us to experts knowledgeable about the two artists in question. We also want to mention that we had access to Mr. Eller for advice, even after the appraisal report was completed. The overall experience was delightful and positive, and we would highly recommend his services.”

                                                    -Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Ruby, Albuquerque